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Inuit.org | New Year’s statement from ICC Greenland

New Year’s statement from ICC Greenland

Tuesday 8th of May 2018

Tuesday 8th of May 2018

January 4, 2015

On behalf of ICC Greenland I wish everyone in Greenland a happy and prosperous New Year.

In July 2014 the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) held a General Assembly in Inuvik in Canada. The General Assembly also meant a shift change in the international board, and a new leadership and board of ICC Greenland.

The Kitigaaryuit Declaration, adopted during the General Assembly, has instructed the ICC’s Executive Council to implement a number of measures to improve the Inuit way of life at all levels, internationally, regionally and locally. For ICC Greenland it is natural and important to carry out these tasks in close cooperation with our authorities like Inatsisartut, the Greenland Government, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other institutions and organizations.

Some of the important recommendations from the General Assembly is that the ICC leadership, in cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations, carry out the following during ICC’s four-year term;

 To plan and conduct a circumpolar Inuit Economic Summit to examine potential partners among Inuit businesses and promote their opportunities for knowledge sharing.

 ICC’s leadership has also been instructed to be an advocate for strengthening Inuit by creating a political, social and economic environment that is anchored in the Inuit way of life, and allow optimal possibilities for Inuit food security. Therefore, the ICC’s leadership has also been instructed to plan and host an Inuit summit on management of living resources.

By implementing the above points we Inuit will jointly have the opportunity to initiate a closer cooperation on a common economic development, and a greater self-sufficiency of our own products,” says the President of ICC Greenland, Hjalmar Dahl, amongst others in his New Year statement.

The ICC regional offices here in Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Chukotka have now organized themselves and set internal priorities for the next four years of work. In mid-January the ICC Executive Council will meet in Nuuk to discuss the international division of tasks based on the objectives of the Kitigaaryuit Declaration.

We will of course continue with our direct involvement as Permanent Participants in the Arctic Council and its working groups, where we enjoy great respect and have influence to benefit the entire Arctic,” underlines Hjalmar Dahl.

Furthermore, ICC will continue its work to make the rights of indigenous peoples visible in national and international fora in order to get the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples implemented.

In September 2014 the United Nations held the first World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, where exactly the implementation of the rights were in focus.

“We have already initiated a dialogue with the Nordic Member States of the United Nations, including Denmark / Greenland to find ways of implementing these rights, as the World Conference outcome document, inter alia, provide of opportunities,” says Hjalmar Dahl in his New Year statement.

With the hope of a fruitful cooperation with everyone I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Hjalmar Dahl
President for ICC Greenland

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